So are you in search of honest take 5 oil change reviews? Here we have gathered some information for you…So read the article and, make up your mind about that is it worth your money or not.

We understand how important oil changes are, so we attempt to deliver a quick, friendly experience that gets you back on the road without having you step out of your car. We will change your oil and filter, supply important fluids, check your tire pressure, and make your vehicle happy while you are here.

Take 5 Oil Change is a quick, pleasant, and simple oil change service. It is a popular oil-changing service in your community. It has effectively provided services to its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a long period. They have been serving their customers for over 35 years.

Why Should You Avoid Using A Local Garage?

To prevent the nightmare stories that other vehicle owners have encountered by essentially flinging their automobile at an independent garage owner's door, you should always take matters into your own hands. Keep in mind that the dirt-cheap offer could last all year. However, the cheapest choice may not be the best option for your vehicle.

You can picture the quality of service you will receive from a local garage with no profit margin on a high overhead business. Most inexperienced vehicle owners are unaware that the price gap is due to low-cost parts and unskilled labour. Independent garages typically charge 10 to 20% more than renowned vehicle repair shops, but the price difference is well worth it for the quality of parts and service you receive.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

As you are probably aware, your car comes with a suggested oil change interval, which implies that the company's engineers have previously thought through the process and established that oil changes should be performed on a frequent basis. Most vehicles feature an oil warning light or will use the check engine light to notify owners that an oil change is imminent. You should aim to get your oil changed as soon as you notice the warning light, but you should avoid waiting until the light comes on if possible.

Oil life ranges may differ depending on the type of oil you're using (synthetic, high mileage, etc.). Some vehicles have a 10,000-mile oil change frequency, but most people will find a sweet spot changing their oil every 5,000 miles.



Take 5 is a premium automotive lubricant designed for dedicated motorcycle and car enthusiasts. It boosts engine performance while effectively extending its lifespan. It will not only improve the performance of your vehicle, but it will also improve your gas mileage.

The dependability of the brand is unquestionable. Take 5 Instant Oil Change has been providing high-quality maintenance services for over 25 years. You may be confident that your oil will be changed quickly, professionally, and affordably.

Take 5 Oil Change's goal is to keep personnel training and development at the greatest level possible in order to set service standards and achieve customer satisfaction levels that exceed every client's expectations. We began in Metairie, Louisiana in 1984 and currently own and operate businesses in all 50 states! Take 5 Oil Change is a well-known brand in the Motor Oils sector. It competes with Fix-a-Flat, Cox Motor Parts, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Shumatt, and Gear Hugger. The majority of our Take 5 Oil Change coupon codes are hand-picked by users and influencers. We have collected a list of coupons and promo codes that you can use to save an average of 19% at Take 5 Oil Change. We change your oil, not your schedule, at Take 5 Oil Change! Our fast and dependable oil change service is available early, late, and on weekends. No appointment is required. Also, they offer some exciting Take 5 Oil Change coupons so you can save a lot of your money.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices Reddit

You can choose from conventional, semi-synthetic, or full-synthetic oils from Take 5. Your car's engine and the type of oil you choose will obviously affect the price.


Conventional Oil                      $37

Castrol Full Synthetic Oil         $75

High Mileage Oil                      $55

Synthetic Blend Oil                  $58

Mobile 1 Full Synthetic Oil       $80

Oil can typically be stored in five quarts in most car engines. As a result, the prices below apply to five quarts of oil. Expenditures will increase if your engine requires more oil.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices:

  • Conventional Oil $37
  • High Mileage Oil $55
  • Synthetic Blend Oil $58
  • Castrol Full Synthetic Oil $75
  • Mobile 1 Full Synthetic Oil $80

Why Should You Use Take 5 Oil Change Services?

Take 5 is an expert in this field. Almost every vehicle owner who visits each of their dealerships gets timely, top-notch service. Their reputation for providing reasonably priced services is their best asset. The oil change services won't cost you an arm and a leg as a result. Various packages are available to meet the diverse needs of individual car owners. Regardless of the oil change package, you select, it will extend the life of your car's engine by replacing the old oil with high-quality engine oil. Even better, they will use a high-quality filter, which must be updated when the oil is changed.

Take 5's experts are courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and highly skilled, unlike some other garages in the region. They will take the time to communicate with you directly in order to give important information. The employees will also treat you as a human being rather than a cash machine. They will not take advantage of you. They will be able to complete the oil change faster than usual due to their knowledge. You'll be in and out of the store in less than thirty minutes, believe it or not. The waiting area is tidy and inviting. In today's time and technology, it would be impossible to find a finer auto repair shop for an oil change than Take 5.